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Righteous Romance Tip #1: Exclusivity

The first principle for redeeming righteous romance is found in the word: Exclusivity.

Every romance has a “beloved.” The beloved is special, beautiful, chosen and altogether different. He or she is absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind.

When I married my lovely wife, it placed her in a category all her own. She no longer fits under the category called “women.”

You see, she is not just a woman. There is no one like her in my eyes. She is in a league and category all her own. She is exclusively mine and I am hers.

In the Solomon’s Song of Songs, we see this principle captured in poetic language:

“My beloved is mine and I am his.” (2:16)

Christian romance is not “open” – it is exclusive. There is no room for additional lovers. Romance allows the beloved to possess you. Exclusivity allows you to focus on cherishing, adoring and enjoying your covenant partner.

Let me ask you a few questions.

Does your spouse enjoy your exclusive affection?

Do they feel like they are in a category all their own?

Does your spouse feel #1 in your list of passions and priorities?

Have you shared with others what belongs exclusively to your spouse?

This week, begin to re-establish the uniqueness of your spouse by implementing the principle of exclusivity.

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  1. Olga Ponce de Leon
    March 7th, 2011 at 17:34 | #1

    This exclusivity can only be appropiated when one finds the Perfect Love in the Person of Christ and as this relationship grows we can then incorporate it into our marriage. God is indeed the God of 2nd ( or more ) chances as we walk in His forgiveness and His healing love, practicing this “love affair” each day as a privilege in knowing our great God and knowing how to love our neighbors.

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