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Cultivating Innocence with Love

Innocence flourishes in an atmosphere of love.

Love-filled homes are places of security and strength. This security is founded upon consistency, confidence and reliability. Healthy families are filled with predictable routines, promises kept, expectations that are fulfilled and life-giving structure. We see this modeled via family rituals and special traditions such as holiday festivities or summer vacations.

Put simply, the children know what to expect.

Loving fathers make it a priority to spend time with their wives and children. They come home at night after a busy day at work. They model unselfish devotion and commitment to the family.

You see, security comes from a lack of ambiguity, clear standards and concrete expectations.

All this creates a safe, secure atmosphere of love where innocence can grow and flourish.

Regardless of your family situation, all of these qualities exist in your relationship with your heavenly Father. He is faithful. He keeps his promises. His love for you is constant, unrelenting and predictable. He enjoys being with you…all the time. You are safe, secure, desired and cherished. Knowing and experiencing His love is necessary for the cultivation of an innocent spirit.

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