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Cultivating Innocence with Faith

Innocence is cultivated in an atmosphere of faith-filled wonder.

The Bible tells us that the earth is filled with God’s glory! Unfortunately, we live in a nation ravaged by rabid secularism which attempts to strip the world of God and His glory as the Creator. As a result, our high definition techno-color planet becomes a black and white re-run.

To restore our innocence, we need to see God and the world as He created it. I love this quote from the poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning:

Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; But only he who sees, takes off his shoes – The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.

Are you worshipping or simply plucking blueberries?

You see, “Wonder,’ writes Ravi Zacharias, ‘is retained by wise pondering.” We need to put the brakes on our busy, berry-plucking lives to take the time to ponder upon God’s greatness. Only God has the ability to inspire wonder. He goes on to observe, “Ideas have an expiration date for thrills; only the glory of a person is inexhaustible.” You can’t have dynamic faith apart from the greatness of the Person, God.

We grow up as children with the belief that our Dad can do anything. Over time, as we experience the pain and disappointments of life in a fallen world, we are tempted to lose our sense of childlike faith. We become cynical and unbelieving. Take Sarah as an example (Genesis 18:9-14)

God promised her a child in her old age. She laughed. It was not the laugh of childlike joy and excitement. It was the laugh from a heart filled with pain and hopelessness. God reminded her that with Him, nothing was impossible! Nine months later she’s breast-feeding her new son at the nursing home! God got the last laugh!

Do you still believe your heavenly Father can do anything? Have you lost your sense of holy wonder?

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