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Economic Rights Under Seige

We are living in a time when the prophetic words of the French historian Alexis De Tocqueville are coming true:

“America will last until the populace discovers it can vote for itself largess [gifts or handouts] out of the public treasury.”

We currently have a situation in America where more people are employed by the Federal Government than by the private sector.

We are also seeing higher salaries and benefits given to government employees than those being paid in the private sector.

We must keep in mind that government jobs are not real jobs. They are positions created by politicians and supported by the tax dollars of those working in the private sector. I am not suggesting some of these positions are not both necessary and valuable. What we need to keep in mind is that they are historically public service positions where one did not expect to be paid as handsomely as those working in the private sector.

This is no longer the case. Our politicians have figured out the secret of extracting money, your money, through taxation and then redistributing that money into the very populations they seek to garner for future elections. The more people they can employ in government jobs, the more secure they will be when the next election comes along. What better way to build loyalty than to hire people with someone else’s money and then pay them better than their friends in the private sector!

Listen to the words of Founder James Madison:

“Government is instituted to protect property of every sort…. This being the end of government, that alone is not a just government which impartially secures to every man, whatever is his own.… That is not a just government, nor is property secure under it, where the property which a man has in his personal safety and personal liberty is violated by arbitrary seizures of one class of citizens for the service of the rest.” (James Madison, The Complete Madison, p. 267.)

We are currently in a grave financial crisis precisely because of our leaders have violated our inalienable right to economic freedom. Actually, it’s more a political crisis than a financial crisis!
Government redistribution schemes in the name of “social justice” are nothing but the “arbitrary seizures” James Madison warned us about.

  1. Kerry Drake
    July 13th, 2011 at 13:27 | #1

    So right on, but how besides prayer can we affect this? Our voices collectively or singly have largely been ignored!! Wednesday morning prayer has been good, and we have a great need for vision fulfillment which we are in the beginning stages of, but vision requires financial backing to accomplish the goal and that will come through faithful giving. Our financial health in both the nation and the individual home is being attacked by the virus of ever expanding government regulation and taxation. We have seen the Tea Party movement effect this, but it can so easily be co-opted just like the two party system is now. Financial attack in the home is at an all time high, and our freedoms are eroding even as we talk. Our spiritual health is horrible (today the news announced plans for a gay hotel chain) and we are being challenged by a Holy God to repent, but when?? Oh God, help us who have a desire to see your Holy name exalted above this mess we have gotten ourselves into to shine the beacon of hope and help to our troubled country. Send politicians to us for retraining to be statesmen instead and to have a conscience to do right by our constitution and the rights of a free people.

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