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The Voice: Discerning the Ordinary from the Extraordinary

We often get into trouble by turning the normal decisions of life into a pursuit of a mystical experience or a supernatural encounter. As a result, we may get side-tracked and seduced into wrong conclusions.

We need to bring balance into our search for God’s guidance by learning to separate the ordinary from the extraordinary, the constant from the occasional, the rule from the exception.

I find it interesting that when I read the Bible, those who experienced a dream, a vision, a prophetic word or even a visit from an angel, were not seeking this experience. They were busy living their lives as God’s covenant people and He interrupted their “normal” day to supernaturally reveal something that He was doing.

While we believe God still speaks in supernatural ways today, the caution is this: Don’t live your life as if every moment requires an extraordinary form of communication from God. Remember the signs and wonders follow those who believe (Mark 16:17). In other words, choose to live a a very natural life of loving, faith-filled pursuit of God and His will and He will bring confirmation or fresh direction as you are moving along the path of obedience.

I believe God has a better plan. We’ll talk about it in the next blog.

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