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Pastors & Public Policy

I recently spoke with a dear friend who heads up the Indiana Family Institute. He just returned from a national convention where 30-35 Family Policy Presidents gathered for four days of strategizing, goal setting problem solving and vision casting. One of the major items of discussion centered on trying to identify some of the major obstacles they encounter in trying to promote strong marriages and families throughout the nation. Many obstacles were identified: the lack of adequate financing to hire needed staff and to implement pro-family programming, the need for better technology, and the need to have a more unified approach around key issues were several of the problems identified.

However, you probably would not guess the single biggest problem the majority of these marriage and family advocates identified (drum roll please…):

#1. The Church, and pastors in general, have abandoned the public policy debate. Pastors are not taking an active role in preaching about the moral issues facing our nation and they are not leading their people in actually getting involved.

I believe all of this is about to change. The radical agenda of this administration is providing a serious wake-up call for a sleeping church. We have been praying for revival in the Church and cultural transformation and reformation in the larger culture. But who could have imagined the Lord would use President Obama and this radically leftist Congress to deliver the wake up call the Church so desperately needs?!

I take comfort in knowing the Lord is firmly seated on His throne and working all things according to His purposes and for His glory. The Bible tells us, “He must reign until He has put all enemies under His feet” (I Corinthians 15:25). The ultimate victory is the Lord’s but He accomplishes His purposes, and subdues His enemies through His Church. So let’s get in the game. Be involved in public policy discussions. Stand against evil. Run for office. Vote. Write letters to the editor. Call your elected officails. Let’s become the revival we have prayed for.

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