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Silver-Plated Christians


Not too many years ago, silver dollars were actually made of silver. Imagine that! In those days, there was a simple way to determine if the coin was authentic. All you had to do was drop one on the hard ground and listen to the sound they made when they landed. If the coin was merely silver-plated, and not solid silver, it would make a dull thud upon impact.

In contrast, the genuine coin rang true because it was solid through and through and not merely silver on the outside. While the imitation may have had real silver on the outside, it was still worthless. If it was not silver to the core, it was merely a cheap imitation.

What a wonderful picture of many Christians today. Are we merely “silver plated Christians” with a thin veneer of truth coating the surface of our lives? Some folks sound very scriptural. They quote verses from the Bible and take pride in the belief that they possess the proper doctrine. However, the true condition of our inner man is revealed by the sound we make when we hit the ground!

What happens when we find ourselves thrown into a hard place? Perhaps it’s an unexpected situation, a terrible season of adversity or a strong wind of temptation – how do you respond? What is your first impulse when there is no time to gather yourself or to gain composure? What comes out when no one is around? Does our behavior at home and at work mirror the way we act when we worship at church on Sunday? What do we think about when we are free to think about whatever we want? Are we silver through and through or merely silver-plated?

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