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Our Students Deserve Better – A Response to Academic Tyranny

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Higher education once involved the pursuit of truth. Our universities (uni – meaning “one” and veritas -
meaning “truth”) were concerned with creating an educational environment where the greatest questions of life could be pursued in an open environment where critical thinking and honest debate were an integral part of the process. And while the outcome might result in a difference of perspective, students were encouraged to demonstrate a healthy dose of tolerance for others who may see things differently. Back then, tolerance meant the ability to respectfully disagree.

It seems those days are long gone. Consider the recent actions of Michael McRobbie, President of Indiana
University. McRobbie publicly declared IU’s opposition to the state’s proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as one man and one woman. Why would the president of one of our leading universities unilaterally express opposition to an institution that has served us well for several millennia? It seems “the lack of tolerance implicit in the proposed amendment runs counter to IU’s deeply held values.” McRobbie says the amendment would “codify an intolerance.”

Welcome to the Left’s new definition of tolerance. Instead of embracing the opportunity to engage the university in a healthy dialogue on this important issue, we simply receive an edict from the emperor. So much for an open-minded discussion and critical thinking about marriage and its vital role in a free society. Forget the invitations to leaders on both sides of the issue who could have been invited to campus to share their unique perspective on the future of marriage and the family. No chance for public policy debates, term papers submitted by students, speeches offered in class and a host of other meaningful educational opportunities that could have been seized. All we get is an edict. Anyone who disagrees is obviously a homophobic, bigoted, mean-spirited moron. End of discussion.

McRobbie’s actions are a disgrace to higher education and an insult to Indiana University’s faculty and student body. We don’t send our sons and daughters to our state universities to be told what to believe, let alone to be insulted by the president for not sharing the same beliefs about marriage. It’s a crime that the many strong arguments for protecting the institution of marriage will never be heard simply because of the
intolerance and bigotry of our university thought police. This is not higher education. It’s indoctrination and bullying. Our students and taxpayers deserve better.


Dr. Ron Johnson Jr.
Executive Director

Indiana Pastors Alliance · P.O. Box 452 · Zionsville, IN 46077 · www.IndianaPastorsAlliance.com

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  1. Jim ritz
    October 29th, 2013 at 23:24 | #1

    Wrong. It is called leadership from IU.

  2. Margo Warnke
    October 30th, 2013 at 00:20 | #2

    When I read in the newspaper the IU position I was saddened. Thanks Pastor Dr for immediately responding with the message of truth. All of this is a heart issue, and to think that higher education is spinning their feelings upon our youth not only at IU but colleges across this nation, rationalizing anything goes-in fact now even punishing those who challenge or oppose wrong views – we’ll you get the drift. We need more than even revival beginning in the church to take back what the enemy is promoting!

  3. Carl Novetske
    October 30th, 2013 at 03:26 | #3

    Not really very surprising since we been informed that “in the last days sin will increase, but Grace will abound much more.” The Adversary knows his time is short. We can “look up” our redemption is at hand! However we must still stand against wiles of the Devil. Keep up “the Watchman on the wall.”

  4. Kerry Drake
    October 30th, 2013 at 17:50 | #4

    I find it disheartening and a little amazing that so many of the faculty/staff of our “higher educational institutes” have taken a head in the sand/blindfold over the eyes/ plugs in the ears approach to real issues not only affecting them and the society they live in, but negatively impacting the students who attend their universities for which they actually and for only which they exist, and who ultimately pay for the job position they inhabit. It would not break my heart to see many of these so called “moderates” or “fair” people to lose their jobs.

    The only “fair” way to view things is to not believe that your opinion is the only opinion that counts. Human feelings and opinions are valuable and important and should not be unilaterally dismissed as unimportant or non-valuable.

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