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Is the Debate on Marriage really a “Waste of Time?”

marriage mattersAs we await the official kick-off of the 2014 legislative session, there has been much political rhetoric suggesting that an attempt to amend our state constitution to officially define marriage as “a man and a woman” is nothing but a horrendous, irresponsible waste of time. We need to be focusing on “more important things,” they say, like jobs. Conservatives who value the institution of marriage and the children produced from this sacred union are viewed as political Neanderthals who are somehow trying to tie up valuable legislative time with issues that really don’t matter.

In fact, those opposing the marriage amendment are often the ones shouting this objection the loudest. I just wish they really believed what they are telling the media and the public. If this whole debate on the future of marriage and the family is really worthless, then why are they waging an all-out, no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners war at the state capitol? Consider the facts:

Those opposing this “time-wasting measure” have hired 11 eleven lobbyists from five top law firms. These lobbyists are working around the clock to convince legislators that supporting marriage is not a good idea. Well, I said that nicely. In reality, they believe a vote for marriage is a sign if bigotry, hatred and homophobic mental illness that can be cured by fines and/or forced indoctrination through government funded tolerance training. But let’s not fuss over the details…

In addition, they have 91 field staff around the state tasked with convincing voters that this legislation is unnecessary and then mobilizing them to call the legislators in their district to express opposition to The Marriage Amendment (HJR6). Now while all this is perfectly acceptable behavior in a constitutional republic, it does not communicate the irrelevance of the issue at hand. Rather, it screams relevance and reveals the urgency of the matter before us.

Add to this full-time ground force a huge infusion of national money from homosexual activists, their campaign goal is 15 million dollars, and you have a formidable amount of resources rallied for one, giant, waste-of-time, piece of legislation. Really? You expect us to believe that?

Perhaps the members of the gay/lesbian movement in America understand what is really at stake here better than we do! You don’t invest in things that are worthless or a total waste of time, do you? No, you don’t. They understand the huge stakes involved in the battle over marriage. Wherever gay marriage has become the law, the religious liberties of people of faith have been compromised. Where sexual anarchy is embraced, religious liberty is trampled. This re-definition of marriage is a total game-changer and they know it.

This debate is not about equality. Under Indiana law, any man can currently marry any woman. This law applies equally to all Hoosiers. Rather, this is all about a radical re-definition of marriage. The problem is that they have yet to offer us their new definition. So exactly how will marriage now be defined? Is it a union of two people, multiple people, inanimate objects, animals, children? The list of options is as endless as the social chaos it will create.

How important is marriage? Considering it is the cornerstone of Western civilization and the building block of healthy families, communities and nations, I’d say we ought to think about the consequences of tinkering with it before we fully realize the implications. After all, if we allow marriage to mean anything and everything, it will essentially mean NOTHING.

In war, the troops are concentrated where the battle is most strategic. And the battle is the most intense where the soil is most valuable. This is why, in spite of their rhetoric to the contrary, the opposition has gathered in force to defeat marriage. Now is the time for those who value this cherished institution to take a stand on this sacred soil called “marriage” before it is absolutely destroyed.

Visit our website, www.indianapastorsalliance.com, for more information on how you can stand with other concerned Hoosiers for marriage.

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