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Pending Hobby Lobby Ruling: The Line in the Sand

line in sandThe Supreme Court is expected to rule any day on the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties’ case. This case challenges the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate on the grounds that it forces Christian business owners to violate their religious liberties. In a nutshell, our own government is forcing business owners to make an unprecedented and unacceptable choice between operating their business on the basis of biblical convictions or violating their consciences to stay open.
This ruling is a game-changer for all Americans, especially for people of faith. Never in my lifetime has the federal government been guilty of so egregiously trampling the liberties of it citizens. What makes it all the more repugnant is that it centers on the issues of abortion and contraception, both of which are already accessible to those who want them.

Looking through the lens of history, the HHS Mandate makes the Tea Act look benign and even laughable. It reveals how accustomed we have become to government control and tyranny. Our forefathers responded with a public act of defiance by throwing a Tea Party in the honor of King George III. They had a keen sensitivity to all forms of governmental intrusion and the courage to stand aggressively in the face of arrogant bureaucratic overreach.

The question remains as to what kind of party we will throw if this administration refuses to back off and the Supreme Court fails to protect our dearest, God-given liberties?

We have been literally painted into a corner by the Obama administration and the Democratic members of Congress who forced this atrocious piece of legislation upon the American people. Religious liberty is non-negotiable. Our Founding Fathers clearly understood the consciences of men were not the objects of human legislation. The final authority over the human conscience rests with our Creator and not the governments of men. We must remind our leaders of this cornerstone principle of liberty. If our courts usurp their God-given authority, we have the duty to resist.

I will be watching closely. My prayer is that we will not have to send invitations to the next party.

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