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Pastor, Are You Protecting Your Flock?

wolvesAs pastors we have been entrusted with the honorable task of shepherding Christ’s Church. We are admonished to “guard ourselves and God’s people. Feed and shepherd God’s flock—his church, purchased with his own blood.” (Acts 20:28, NLT)

While the role of pastor covers a wide swath of responsibilities, one of the more prominent roles is that of protecting the sheep. Paul reminded us that “false teachers, like vicious wolves, will come in among you after I leave, not sparing the flock.” (verse 29)

While we all understand the need to protect our sheep from harmful doctrine, I’m afraid we often limit the scope of our doctrine to matters of personal piety or ecclesiological issues such as water baptism or communion. However, our concern for doctrinal purity must extend to every area in which the Scriptures speak. This includes the proper role of government as an institution created and ordained by God. (Romans 13)

We are living in a time of unprecedented attacks on our religious liberties. A recent decision by a federal judge to strike down our state’s marriage statute has, at least for the moment, opened the door for same-sex unions. This “bad doctrine” by the state is creating some serious ethical dilemmas for people of faith.

As a pastor, what would you do if…

• Your county clerk refused to issue marriage certificates to same-sex couples because they violate God’s definition of marriage?

• A bakery owner in your congregation was fined or driven out of business for failure to participate in a same-sex ceremony?

• A school teacher was suspended for sharing her biblical view of marriage when asked by a student?

Each of these issues, and a host of other scenarios, is happening right now in America. If churches, and the pastors who shepherd them, do not take the lead in defending religious liberty and protecting their sheep from secular “wolves,” then who will?

What if….?

What would happen if we took a different approach, one that did not embrace silence and accommodation?

What if we laid a biblical foundation for religious liberty and the rights of conscience so that people were emboldened to stand for Christ in the public arena?

What if we developed a plan of support for those who have the courage to stand up in the marketplace and we communicated our support openly from the pulpit?

What if we took the lead with other like-minded pastors in the community to discuss a coordinated response to the growing threats to our religious liberties?

What if we rallied around the one who lost his job on account of his Christian beliefs and provided financial support, food, encouragement, prayer and whatever they needed until justice was restored?

What if we rallied around the victim of governmental abuse and demanded justice? This might mean a removal of discipline, fines, loss of job or another unacceptable form of censure.

What if 100, or 500 or 1000 concerned citizens showed up at city hall or at a press conference demanding justice and refusing to “go away” until it it was served?

Or perhaps we could simply continue to model cowardly silence while doing our best to stay out of harm’s way. We could teach God’s people how to remain securely planted in the path of least resistance and we could preach a new sermon series on “Six Ways Not to Make Waves” while we drown out that annoying howl of the wolves by singing louder.

The Apostle Paul made it clear that the wolves will come. Our job as pastors is to prepare our people to stand for truth in the public arena and to support and defend them when they do. Let’s lead the way by providing protection for the flock to which we have been entrusted. The time has come to STAND! (Ephesians 6:14)

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  1. Paul Rothbard
    June 27th, 2014 at 03:08 | #1

    If government is an institution created and ordained by God, it is hard to see how it was intended to do any more than protect our natural rights. Furthermore, by accepting government’s role in licensing marriages in the first place, isn’t this just nitpicking details in the current mix of socialism and marriage? Why is it the state’s job to define and enforce the definition of marriage in the first place?
    Before the French Revolution, Christians would have been offended if you told them that their marriage ceremony wasn’t valid until it was approved by the state. It seems that many Christians not only fight persecution from the state, but recognizing its danger, still want to be the state.

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