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Come Adore Him This Thanksgiving

Adore Him

As a church family, we are spending this holiday season focusing on mastering the fine art of ENJOYING GOD. I call it an “art” because adoring Christ, like loving your spouse, is more of an art than a science. We are forced to move beyond instructions and rituals to a personal encounter our risen Lord. Relationships are highly resistant to rituals and formulas. Our relationship with Jesus demands we move beyond religious forms to the actual enjoyment of His Person.

This is what adoration is all about. To adore is to love in the highest degree; to regard with the utmost esteem, affection and respect.

The word adore comes from a Latin word meaning “to carry to one’s mouth in order to kiss one’s hand.” It conjures the medieval image of a servant kneeling before royalty while holding the hand of his king or queen as he reverently bow’s to kiss it.

We bow because we are approaching a sovereign. The one we honor possesses ultimate authority. The splendor and majesty of our surroundings evokes a breathtaking sense of awe and wonder. Your stomach is filled with butterflies as a strange mixture of fear and excitement swirl within.

As you bow to kiss His hand, a smile explodes across your grateful face! You love your King! You are grateful for His loving care. You are stunned and humbled by the unspeakable privilege of calling him your friend.

In adoration we see a glimpse of what true worship is all about; majesty combined with intimacy, awe mixed with humility, thankfulness joining hands with esteem, and reverential fear comingled with affectionate love.

As we gather with family and friends for another Thanksgiving holiday celebration, pause to offer God the only gift that we have to offer – our adoration! Let Him know how much joy He brings to your life!

Let us come to him with thanksgiving.
Let us sing psalms of praise to him.
3 For the LORD is a great God,
a great King above all gods.
Psalm 95:2-3, NLT

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