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The BIG Question Every Freedom Loving Hoosier Must Ask

In April of this year, I had the privilege of standing with pastors from across our state to deliver an open letter of censure to the Republican leadership for failure to protect the religious liberty of Hoosiers. Our humble press conference turned into a large rally with several hundred concerned citizens in attendance. We were providing a voice for the thousands of Hoosiers who felt betrayed and angry over the cowardly collapse of our conservative super-majority.

At a press conference led by Senator David Long and Representative Brian Bosma, our leaders stood with an assortment of CEO’s and leaders of the LGBT movement to announce a “fix” in the original piece of legislation. As a host of legal experts have concurred, this new legislation transformed bill designed to secure our religious liberties into a gay rights bill, opening Christian business owners to false claims of “discrimination” for simply declining to participate in activities which violate their biblical beliefs about marriage.

It was clear from the press conference that the next “discussion” will involve the creation of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as a special protected class in Indiana. Leadership from the gay community told all who were listening that this will become a reality in Indiana.

While the opposition has been abundantly clear with their agenda, our Republican super-majority has been deathly silent. I have been waiting for our leaders to make a clear stand on this vital issue. So here’s the $100,000 dollar question every freedom-loving Hoosier is asking:

“Will you protect my God-given religious liberties by opposing all efforts to create special protected class status for sexual orientation and gender identity?”

Don’t be fooled by the political rhetoric. The question requires a one word response. Yes or no?

If you care about religious liberty, take the time to call your state representative and your state senator and pop the question.

Indiana Senate – 317-232-9400
Indiana House – 317-232-9600
Governor Mike Pence – 317-232-4567

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    Thanks for the phone numbers. Had the federal ones, now calling state

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