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The 2016 National Election: Principles for the Poll Booth


1. Not Voting is never an Option. First of all, not voting should never be an option for the sincere Christian. Our dual citizenship means we must steward the freedoms our forefathers have secured at great price. This is a sacred duty we must perform as regents of planet earth and ambassadors for Christ in the realm of the common good. While we all affirm the sovereignty of God over all things, including elections, we must never assume that God’s sovereignty promotes human passivity. We must occupy until He comes.

2. Voting for the Sinless Candidate is never an Option. Some have labored to remind us that, “We are voting for a president, not a Savior!” We are all sinners. Only Jesus was perfect and He is not on the ballot! What usually follows is a rebuke to those who seek to uphold the Bible’s numerous commands to elect leaders who are of good character. “Get off your moral high horse you self-righteous idiot” or some similar admonition is offered to shake the religious out of their self-righteous stupor. While the vitriol is not helpful, the truth that we are electing imperfect people to lead us is instructive.

3. Voting for Evil is never an Option. We must avoid confusing the reality of imperfect candidates with the option of voting for “the lesser of two evils.” We all agree there has never been a “perfect” candidate and we all realize there never will be. But we are not simply discussing the character of a candidate. We are focusing on the public policy priorities of the candidate. As Christians, we are never allowed to support a candidate that promotes what God clearly calls “evil.” It is evil to kill unborn children. It is evil to pervert and re-define the institution of marriage. It is evil to turn sinful behaviors into civil rights. It is evil to trample God-given inalienable rights. When elected officials codify perversion, making it the law of the land, they stand in direct defiance of God and open the gates for His righteous judgment to fall upon our nation. Leaders who promote wickedness under the banner of the “common good” dishonor God and harm the people they are called to serve. Good government is always for the glory of God and the good of the people, in that order.(I Thessalonians 2:15)

4. Voting Third Party is currently not a Viable Option. Some have chosen to opt for a third party candidate as a matter of conscience. They cannot vote for Clinton or Trump given all the baggage that comes with them. Some feel it is a matter of voting for the lesser of two evils or succumbing to “political pragmatism.” To remain within the two-party system is to be guilty of biblical infidelity. Under the current political landscape, no third party candidate has even a remote chance of being elected. So while a third party vote as a matter of conscience is always a viable option, it is a vote of no direct consequence. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be elected as the next president of the United States of America on November 8th. That is the current reality.

So what shall we do this election??? That’s the topic of our next post.

  1. Margo
    November 1st, 2016 at 14:21 | #1

    So excited to have you as my pastor, your godly wisdom and courage to speak the truth is what is needed! Keep up the great work for His Kingdom!!

  2. January 3rd, 2017 at 14:45 | #2

    Thank you, Margo!

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