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Winning is NOT Faithfulness

One way to define what something IS is to highlight what it IS NOT. Let me address a few of the the problems with a wrong definition of what it means for us to WIN.

Winning is not merely remaining faithful. I’ve heard Christians say things like, “Our job is just to be faithful and to leave the results to the Lord.” Remaining faithful to the Lord until He returns is absolutely essential. Jesus promised, “he who stands firm to the end will be saved.” (Matthew 10:22) But in Christian circles being faithful often, “Just keep being nice, church-going people, share your faith when possible, and hang on until Jesus comes.” Is this really what our WIN looks like?

What if a football team took this approach. “Go to practice, obey the coach and let’s remain loyal to him until the end off the game.” Lots of luck! Faithfulness to the Coach is a great quality, but by itself, it won’t win a football game. Singing the school fight song in the locker room is definitely inspirational, but it won’t result in gridiron glory. Reviewing the Playbook is a wonderful practice, but it won’t win you a single game. Eventually you have to leave the locker room and get on the field. Those plays you faithfully studied are part of an overall game plan. They are designed to help you do one thing – SCORE. And in the game of football, your WIN is defined by scoring more than the other team.

So WINNING is more than… going to church…being nice…or demonstrating faithfulness or committment. And while we rest in the sovereign power of the Lord to work out His redemptive plan, we do not sit in our churches and trust “it will all work out in the end.”

That is not a plan for victory, but a disaster waiting to happen.

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