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Shut Up & Stay in Bed

I am currently teaching a class in our Living Stones College entitled “Developing a Christian Worldview.” I love this class and its content because it is so relevant to all that is taking place in our world. For a worldview to be “legit,” it has to be able to pass four critical tests:

  • The Test of Reason: Is it reasonable?
  • The Test of Reality: Does it fit reality?
  • The Test of Breadth: Does it explain all of life?
  • The Test of Practice: Is is livable?

The last question poses a serious problem for our “Green without God” friends. Let me explain.

This month more than 170 countries are meeting in Copenhagen to discuss the reality of a world treaty designed to reduce greenhouse gases. There’s only one small problem with this gathering. Someone estimated that the conference itself will create an estimated 40,584 tons of carbon emissions. To put that figure into perspective, this is roughly the carbon footprint for the entire nation of Morocco in 2006!

So let me see if I get this right. We’re going to have a conference to create a document that will mandate the cutting of  greenhouse gasses, but the “environmental experts” will actually create an overabundance of gasses from all the hot air that will be released as a result of this gathering. Hmm. The very folks who are convinced we are destroying the planet with global warming will actually be expediting our demise by their own irresponsible behavior. Shame on you! How do you sleep at night?

You see, there’s only one reasonable, non-hypocritical conclusion for these well-meaning, but misguided, self-appointed saviors of Mother Earth – Shut up and stay in bed! To do otherwise only contributes to the problem.  I’m a big advocate of leadership by example. If you really believe in your worldview, then set an example by living a carbon-free lifestyle. Don’t eat, don’t breath, don’t move, don’t procreate and don’t consume. Call me in six months and let me know how it’s working for you.

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