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A Sacred Trust

I trust everyone is having a great New Year! We are enjoying our week of corporate prayer and fasting as we seek to make Jesus FIRST in every area of our lives. New beginnings give us all the chance to reflect on LIFE from a God-centered perspective. From a biblical perspective, LIFE is a sacred trust. LIFE is a gift from our Creator, so all of our choices must be made in the shadow of His greater purposes and designs. Our life is a sacred gift which requires faithfulness on our part as stewards.

This is why we need a worldview that is biblically saturated, Christ-centered, God exalting and Holy Spirit empowered! Why is a biblical view of reality so important? Worldviews fulfill a couple of vital needs:

1. They provide unity to thought and life. Have you ever lived in what social scientists call cognitive dissonance? This occurs when your thoughts and your actions are in disharmony. For instance, you know smoking is bad for you, yet you keep lighting up. As a result, you live in a state of emotional and mental disruption until you can reconcile these opposing activities. A worldview helps you live a consistent, unified life. What you believe fits reality and informs the way you live. You are in harmony with God and with yourself. Life is good!

2. Worldviews also help to define the “good life.” What is the meaning of life? Why are you here to begin with? What’s the purpose behind this thing called life? Worldviews help to keep us from living what Socrates called, “The unexamined life.”

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to push the “pause” button of life, and to take some time to reflect on the deeper questions. Examine your life. Are you happy with the way you are living? What changes need to take place? Where do you need to grow? What relationships need some focus and care? Most importantly, how’s your relationship with Jesus?

Remember, your life is not you own. It has been given to you by your Creator as a “sacred trust.” Let’s commit together to maximizing this trust in a way that honors Jesus and brings Him great glory!

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