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The Return of the Gargoyle Monkeys

I am teaching a course right now in our college called History Makers. I love the class because we are able to study the contributions of some very normal people who were totally surrendered to a GREAT GOD! Last night we covered Calvin, Tyndale and Bunyan. As part of my class preparation, I’m continually digging for more gold to share with the students. Fortunately, I hit an absolute goldmine when I read about John Calvin.

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the life of one of Christendom’s greatest. He was the theological genius behind the Reformation and one of the most consequential thinkers of the last millennium. In addition, his understanding of the proper role of government laid the foundation for our own American republic. One author went so far as to say that without John Calvin, there would be no America.

I think Calvin’s counsel is just what we need to hear today. While others in his day saw monarchs as limitless in their power by divine right, not unlike our current Congress, Calvin argued, “If kings want to be considered legitimate as servants of God, they need to show that they are real fathers of their nation.”  He went on to add, “If princes demand that we turn from honor of God, if they force us into idolatry or superstition, then they have no more authority over us than frogs or lice do.”

In other words, our leaders must understand that the authority they possess has been given to them by God to be used for His glory and for the good of the people. When government offials fail to be submitted to God and His Law, they have no more authority than a frog does. CROAK!

But let me move on to my favorite quote. Calvin understood the prophetic role of the Church in speaking God’s truth to those in power. On one occasion, he referred to the Genevan officials as “gargoyle monkeys” who had become so proud that “they vomit forth their blasphemies as supreme decrees.” No wonder he spent most of his life in exile!

How we need men and women today with the boldness and courage of Calvin. The gargoyle monkeys have returned! We are witnessing an attempt by our elected officials to force abortion, homosexuality, cross-dressing, socialism and a host of other “blasphemies” upon the American people. As Calvin taught, this is an egregious abuse of their delegated authority. It’s time we elect men and women with a love for God and His Word; people of character who love America and who have a father’s heart for those whom they are called to serve. In short, let’s get rid of the gargoyle monkeys determined to destroy our nation.

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