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Hello Everyone!

I’m writing again from Hyderabad, India. We just spent an amazing week ministering to pastors in some of the more remote parts of the Region. These are pastors who cannot afford a bus ticket to Hyderabad. They were so blessed that we came to them! Can’t wait to show you some of the photos and video footage. God was doing awesome stuff! Thanks for your ongoing prayers!

In a couple of weeks we’ll be hosting a one-day leadership summit for our lifeGROUPĀ and ministry leaders which we are calling iMAGINE. Our focus is on capturing and harnessing the power we have as sons and daughters to dream with our Father. For all the dads who may be reading, please don’t be a dream killer in your family. Be a dream fulfiller. God loves it when we allow Him to drop crazy, outlandish ideas and visions into our hearts. My prayer is that ourĀ Living Stones family would be a tribe of dreamers!

When you join our family you become a shareholder in the corporate vision which God has called us to. In addition, each of us has been given a unique dream that is tied to our calling. We need to continue to work hard at creating a church culture where people know that “the skies the limit” with God. Verbalize your vision with people who are committed to your success. Go ahead, iMAGINE!

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