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Pastor Ron on “The Peter Heck Show”

I love talk radio! Every time I have a chance to do a live talk radio  interview I come alive. I feel the rush of cultural transformation flowing through my veins. So you could image how fired up I was last Thursday  to have the privilege of being interviewed on The Peter Heck Show.

For those of us from “da Region,”  you may not know who Peter is or what he does so let me tell you about him. He’s an award winning government teacher by day in a public high school and a talk radio host in the afternoons on 1350AM, WIOU in Kokomo. In addition, Peter is an  sought-after public speaker.  He has been the featured and keynote speaker at numerous events. His two 4-part series, America’s Foundation of Faith and Pillars of the Faith, have been presented at churches throughout the country. Peter shares my passion for Jesus and for the need to teach people to think from a biblical worldview perspective.

The purpose of my interview was to discuss the role of the Church and Christians in public life, and politics in particular. If you’d like to listen to the interview, go to Peter’s website at:  www.peterheck.com/peterheck/audio and select the Thursday, March 4 show.  Right click on segment 6 and save the file to your computer.  I’d love to hear your thoughts. Evidently, this interview led to a wonderful flurry of phone calls from listeners. Enjoy!

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