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The Radical, the Regular and the Real

Have you noticed that whenever we experience an attack by those who claim to be followers of Allah it is immediately followed by attempts to soften Islam’s image. People quickly retreat to the use of adjectives to provide distance from the one’s who have committed horrific and cowardly acts of violence against others. The evening news features Muslim representatives repeating the same tired and worn out explanations. “Islam is a religion of peace.” “These violent acts do not represent all of the Muslim community.” “This suicide bomber was part of a radical Muslim organization.” Blah, blah, blah.

So what we have is a dichotomy. We have “radical” Muslims and we have “regular” Muslims. I find this compartmentalization mystifying. After all, what makes a radical Muslim radical? Is it not the fact that they have read the Koran and they are trying their best to live out its commands and teachings? In other words, they take their faith seriously!

We need to move beyond the radical and the regular to discover the REAL. Islam is an entire worldview encompassing every aspect of the Muslim’s life. The goal of Islam is clear – to see the worship of Allah spread around the globe. To see this goal achieved, the killing of infidels is both necessary and justified.    

The Koran teaches that if a man dies fighting for Allah he is guaranteed the forgiveness of all sins and is assured of a reserved place in paradise (3: 157; 169). Further, he is promised a crown of glory and the sexual pleasures of 72 virgins. He is also absolved from the suffering of the grave and the horrors of judgment. And then there’s the added bonus that if you die striving in the cause of Allah, you can bring 70 of your relatives with you into paradise.

Here’s my point. If you believe this to be true and you are not a radical Muslim, then you are either a coward or a counterfeit. We must move beyond the false labels to the real ideology of Islam. While our Muslim neighbors deserve our love and kindness, Islam, as a worldview, demands our firmest resistance.

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  1. Gary Auten
    September 1st, 2010 at 14:58 | #1

    Tremendous insight. Thanks for the truth!

  2. Kyle Myrick
    September 1st, 2010 at 19:03 | #2

    Now that is a clear understanding of the reality of what is taking place! Thank you for reminding us to view the ideology of Islam for what it is. Our level of tolerance may lead to more serious consequences, “our firmest resistance” indeed…

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