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Give Thanks for God’s Gracious Providence

As we take time each year to pause as a nation and to give thanks to our God for His many blessings, it is fitting to reflect on the glory and goodness of God expressed in His providential care over our lives. The doctrine of providence is a neglected one in our day. It’s easy to see why. In our increasingly secularized American culture, where God is minimized from sight and marginalized from significance, the truth of His sovereign authority is much maligned.

However, those who acknowledge and worship Him as the all-powerful Creator understand that He is now actively involved in that which He has created. Providence refers to the fact that our sovereign, all-powerful King is even now governing and directing all of history to fulfill His purposes. This means that the day will come when we will fully see and understand all the times the unseen hand of our heavenly Father saved us from evil and protected us from harm’s way. Why did He do these things? Because He loves us and He has called us for a unique plan and purpose (See 2 Timothy 1:9). It’s His plan working through us and he preserves us until that plan is accomplished.

In my next blog entry, we’ll talk about some of the amazing examples of God’s providence in the forming of our great nation. In the meantime, take a moment right now to praise the Lord for His providential care in your life. Thanks Him for his mercies, both the know and the unknown. And let’s live lives worthy of our great calling!

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    .Hi, Pastor Ron; Got this off FB…Pastor Simmons posted this about 5-5:30 today…Message confirmed…

    Pastor Brian SimmonsThe heart of God is reaching out for a people who are “willing” (as Mary was) in the day of His power, who as “intercessors” (a corporate Mary), will birth the purpose of the Lord into the earth in this day. The Lord always moves through, and accomplishes His purpose through human agency. Are you willing?5 hours ago via Friendly for iPad · Like · Comment.

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    Amen! Good word!

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