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Permission to Drink and to Think

By nature, I’m not very spontaneous and I’m not all that thrilled with unexpected interruptions. So this whole “accessibility” thing goes against my wiring. Perhaps you are the same.Unfortunately raising sons does not fit neatly on a “to do” list or into a weekly time slot. Raising sons and daughters is bigger than life! The demands often resist the arbitrary boundaries we establish.

 Paul reminds us that these “living epistles,” our spiritual sons and daughters, are written “by the Spirit of the living God.” The work of the Holy Spirit is dynamic, spontaneous and free. When He is doing something, His agenda must supersede mine.

We must remember He is writing on “human hearts,” not on tablets of stone. This demands a commitment from me to be open and accessible to the supernatural and spontaneous work of the Holy Spirit moving in the heart of my spiritual sons/daughters through the natural rhythms of life.

I love it when Pastor Brock, one of my spiritual sons, drops by my office for an unscheduled visit. Sometimes he shares a great success in the youth ministry. He might ask my perspective on a passage of Scripture or ask if I have a book on a certain topic. Sometimes he just stops by to check on how I’m doing. But regardless of the specific reason for the call or visit, my message to him is clear: my heart is open to you. I love you and I’m concerned about the full spectrum of your life, not just your ministry responsibility.

  An open heart in an invitation to drink and to think. It says, “Come, let us reason together.” Jump into my world and help me understand yours. And in between all the planning, details, problems and issues, let me remind you how much I enjoy you and value our relationship.

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