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Holy Blushes

Blushes aren’t all bad!

Sure, we all have our Rolodex filled with the memories of our most embarrassing moments! We remember when we wet our pants in elementary school, or when we were caught “red handed” in something we shouldn’t be doing. These all fall in the category of “bad blushes.”

But there’s a corresponding column for all the right kind of blushes. Let me explain.

I have been blessed with four beautiful daughters. I still enjoy the home fashion shows. You know the scene. After shopping all afternoon, they burst through the front door with bags bulging with great treasures. Then comes the inspiring speech, much like the President’s State of the Union Address, where I hear the good news of all the money they have saved me!

Next comes from favorite part – the fashion show.

“Dad,’ they ask coyly, ‘Do you like it?” Inside their precious, little princess minds, they are looking for Prince Charming (that would be me for the time being) to affirm the deep desire of their holy, little hearts. They want to hear something every person longs to hear. They want to know…

Am I beautiful?

Am I lovely?

Am I desirable?

You see, I know what’s going on behind the fashion show. My little princess needs to be affirmed by her admiring Daddy. “You look gorgeous!” I gush. “I love it! You make that dress look soooo beautiful!”

I can always tell if I do my job with excellence. I look at the blush on their faces. It’s a blush that says…

I am loved

I am cherished

I am adored

These are the good blushes of life. We all need them. Make someone you love blush today with the joy of knowing how much they are loved!

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  1. Kerry Drake
    February 23rd, 2011 at 14:34 | #1


  2. Kerry Drake
    February 23rd, 2011 at 14:44 | #2

    P.S. I’ve never seen C. looking prettier! This must have been taken some time ago, she looks much younger. Since I have the greatest privilege of influencing through our Kid’s Cell Network, some of your children, I have to say that your girls have been so much more like what an innocent young maiden should be, very much carrying themselves like princesses, than many other young ladies of equal age. Every parent wants to hear this about their children, and I give comments and praise where it is due to fulfill that need. Thank you for the trust you place in those of us who are in that position, and I am happy to report that what you and your wife are accomplishing in your children is so far above the norm in our society that they will be the world changers of tomorrow, guaranteed!

  3. Margo Warnke
    February 23rd, 2011 at 17:20 | #3

    Your message brings tears to my eyes!

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