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Time for a Re-Volution

The first verse of 2 Samuel, chapter 23 reads, “Now these are the last words of David.” The final words of an anointed King of Israel, a man after God’s own heart, and the “sweet psalmist of Israel,” is enough to make anyone stand up and take notice. What parting words of wisdom does this amazing giant killer leave for us?

Out of all the topics David could have touched upon, he addresses the topic of leadership. Why? My guess is that leaders have the amazing power of producing either great blessing or horrific harm in the lives of those they are leading. Listen to David’s counsel:

“He who rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.” (2 Samuel 23:3)

The fear of the Lord is the foundational requirement for any leader to  possess. The fear the Lord is clearly demonstrated by a leader’s willingness to obey the commandments of the Lord.

This brings me to our President’s leadership and this administration’s complete trampling of of the Law of God and the freedom of the people. The latest atrocity is the government’s attempt to take over the health care system. The Obama plan will force businesses to pay for abortions, will place bureaucrats in charge of rationing health care resources, and will revoke all conscience protections. This places us in the untenable position of using our income and our taxes to support the murder of innocent babies all in the name of “health care.” This violates our religious liberty and arrogantly ignores God’s Law.

Please take a moment right now to call your US Senator and your Congressman. It’s time to express our outrage over the President’s government-run health care proposal. It’s time for a re-volution! Stand up and let your voice be heard…before you no longer have a voice.

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