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Obama’s Justice Inspires Lawlessness

One of the foundational principles of our great American experience is what is known as the rule of law. Our Founding Fathers created a Constitutional Republic built upon the timeless principles of the Word of God. It was the Scriptures and the laws which emerged from these biblical principles which created a culture of unprecedented freedom, liberty and prosperity.

That’s why the news today that the Justice Department will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, a law created by our Legislative Branch as the express will of the people, simply because President Obama doesn’t want to, should be a cause of extreme alarm. When our own government disregards the clear law of the land you have the beginning of lawlessness. If the President of the United States can conveniently choose which laws he supports while ignoring those that don’t fit his personal taste, then why should the average American bother with respecting the law?

The Bible tells speaks of “lawlessness leading to more lawlessness” (Romans 6:19). Perhaps that’s why we are witnessing an epidemic of lawlessness in our state legislatures where one party conveniently walks out of the process and refuses to submit to or even debate the agenda of the majority party, a majority created by the free votes of the electorate.

Unfortunately, if a reverence and respect for the rule of law is not modeled by the highest ruler in the nation, we can only expect an escalation of lawlessness and anarchy among the rank and file. Unfortunately, President Obama is fueling this spirit of lawlessness and I shudder to see where our nation is headed if the rule of law is not, once again, embraced and honored.

  1. Paul Imbrone
    February 23rd, 2011 at 22:31 | #1

    Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple.

  2. Kevin Baird
    February 24th, 2011 at 03:29 | #2

    President Obama is the classic relativist. For him, the end justifies the means and the law is only valid when it conforms to his personal view. This decision really is scary. If they refuse to apply the law, which both he and Holder swore to uphold, the only thing left is anarchy (which we are already seeing).

    Before our very eyes we are watching the fruit of a Godless educational system of the 1980′s. Can we even fathom what we will be facing in another 20 years if we do not respond?

  3. Olga Ponce de Leon
    March 1st, 2011 at 02:09 | #3

    The way things are going in America The Beautiful I may live to see very serious Christian persecution in this land of the free(?). What gives my heart strength and joy is that our inner life can still understand God’s ways by eating and digesting His Word daily and His love can still direct our actions toward one another. (John 13:13)

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