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The Beauty Behind the Blush

February 25th, 2011 1 comment

I can’t conceive of a better picture to highlight the beauty behind the blush! That’s my beauty, my beloved bride Marion, sitting behind the rosy cheeks of my little blusher, Caroline.

Here’s the point. There would be no princess Caroline apart from the beauty of her Mother. Her beauty is an echo of the beauty of her mother. On the human level, the echo can be traced all the way back to the Original Voice. That, of course, would be the voice of our Creator and King, God.

Every good and perfect gift which we enjoy as humans can be traced back to God, the Source of all that is good. When we are enjoying the gift, it should remind us of the One Who is greater.

I love the way John Eldredge captured this principle in his book, The Sacred Romance:

Indeed, if we will listen, a Sacred Romance calls to us through our heart every moment of our lives. It whispers to us on the wind, invites us through the laughter of good friends, reaches out to us through the touch of someone we love. We’ve heard it in our favorite music, sensed it at the birth of our first child, been drawn to it while watching the shimmer of a sunset on the ocean. The Romance is even present in times of great personal suffering: the illness of a child, the loss of a marriage, the death of a friend. Something calls to us through experiences like these and rouses an inconsolable longing deep within our heart, wakening in us a yearning for intimacy, beauty and adventure.

You see, our amazing God is the Beauty behind the blush. The love, romance, and pleasure we derive from relationships should point us to the One who loves us more than we can imagine. The best of our earthly pleasures are shadows and echoes designed to point us to the Beauty behind the best of earthly blushes.

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