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10 Reasons Why the Church Must be involved in Politics (2)

May 21st, 2012 4 comments

In this blog series, I am responding point by point to a column written by Greg Stier, the President and Founder of Dare 2 Share Ministries entitled, “Ten Reasons Why Pastors Should Focus More on the Gospel Than on Politics.” Here’s Greg’s second point and my response.

2. The gospel will transform our politics, not vice versa (Romans 12:1,2)

I wholeheartedly concur with Stier on this point. We must never be guilty of allowing our political agenda to twist the clear teaching of God’s Word. A great example of this is when President Obama recently invoked Jesus in support for “gay-marriage,” even though the Scriptures cleary forbid this type of sexual behavior. God’s Word must form and shape our philosophy of good government, not vice versa.

My concern with Stier is on the implementation of this principle. He writes, “The gospel will transform our politics.” Amen! Then why are we currently experiencing the greatest attack on religious liberty in our nation’s history? Why are we witnessing unprecedented moral decay? Why are we being led by those who are hostile to the Christian worldview?

I believe it’s because we have failed to allow the gospel to transform our political scene. When we compartmentalize the gospel, relegating it to the realm of personal salvation only, it becomes irrelevant to the rest of life, including civil government. The gospel will only transform politics when Christians are intentional about getting involved. The Bible has much to say about government. Our Founding Fathers built this nation on the unique concepts found in the pages of the Scripture. We cannot just sit back and hope that a person’s salvation experience somehow translates to good public policy. Our preaching of the gospel must include the mandate to make disciples of all nations. The fact that we have godless people promoting wicked policies is a sign the Church has failed in her assignment to transform civil government.

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