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Resolutions: Get Rid of the Fog

January 27th, 2015 No comments

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Have you ever felt like your life was being lived in dense fog? I prayed with a young man after the service on Sunday who could certainly relate. He confessed that he didn’t really know who he was or where his life was going. His dreams were lost in the fog.

Imagine how silly it would be to find yourself driving down the Interstate when all of the sudden you see a 747 in the lane ahead of you! You’d immediately ask, “What is that plane doing on the highway?” It’s completely out of place. That plane is made to fly hundreds of miles an hour. On the interstate, it cannot keep up with the traffic!

That’s a picture of what happens when we live in the fog. Our dreams have the power to make us fly fast and far. But when there’s dense fog in the area, the plane is left motoring around the runway or completely stalled at the gate. Until you get rid of the fog, your life will never take off.

If we fail to address the fog, two things will happen:

1. Fog will cloud your confidence.

When we know where we are going and we know how to get there we operate in a spirit of confidence. On the other hand, when we can’t see clearly and we aren’t sure what to do, our stress level increases. We often get edgy and irritable. Many times, those around us, our friends, family or colleagues, feel the heat from our frustration with life.

Clarity, on the other hand, creates certainty; and certainty leads to action. When people get clear they get going.

2. Fog creates stress.

It has been said that 85% of the stress we live with is due to either paralyzing indecision or feeling like our lives are out of control. Life is full of choices. Some choices are easy, like what to eat for lunch. Others are much more difficult. Nevertheless, a decision must be made.

So what do we do?

Often we become paralyzed and do nothing. Unfortunately, our indecision only compounds the problem. As long as we choose to ignore the situation we simply allow the dark cloud of stress to hover over our heads.

Sometimes things get so bad we simply feel like our lives are out of control. We feel like a car without brakes flying down a mountain road as our velocity increases and our ability to control the vehicle vanishes.

Can you relate?

Do you have some fog in your life right now?

What causes the fog?

Is it due to indecision or feeling out of control?

What is the most pressing situation begging for a decision or action on your part?

Make it a priority. Watch the fog begin to lift.

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