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Way to Go, Joe!

September 12th, 2009 No comments

As you all probably know by now, President Obama’s speech to Congress on health care reform was interrupted mid-stream by an emotional outburst from Joe Wilson, a congressman from South Carolina. Since this exchange violated the “terms of engagement” and represented a “breach of decorum,” the Congressman issued the following apology: 

“This evening I let my emotions get the best of me,” he said in a statement. “While I disagree with the president’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility.”

Let me be the first to say, “three cheers for decorum and civility!” After all, there are appropriate ways for civilized societies to deal with important matters, and yelling and name calling are probably not on the list. In this regard, Congressman Wilson’s apology was warranted and President Obama’s willingness to forgive the outburst is exemplary.

But let me quickly add that his passion and his willingness to expose our President’s ongoing problem with telling the truth should be applauded. It’s refreshing to see passion expressed over things that really matter. After all, the President was not discussing the need to fill pot holes, he was pushing for a massive government takeover of health care which most certainly will include blood money for the deaths of innocent Americans via “reproductive health care” (i.e. abortion). To make matters worse, the president accused those who disagreed with him of being untruthful, while he was busy spinning his own web of fabrications (He lied!).  

Even less than conservative sources like the New York Times, Time Magazine and the The Washington Post support the “liar, liar pants on fire” charges leveled by Congressman Wilson:

  • the current health care plan includes abortion coverage with federal dollars.
  • The New York Times also called “falsehood” on the President’s assertions that you would be able to keep your doctor and that Medicare would not be affected.
  • the President’s health care bill would lead to bureaucrats rationing care. In this bill, Section 1401 establishes the Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research. This Center is created to ration health care based on effectiveness and cost (i.e. Governor Palin was right).

So all things considered, let me say, “Way to go, Joe!” Thanks for being passionate about things that really matter and for having the courage to stand for the truth in the face of socialistic propaganda. It’s a sad day when TRUTH loses to civility and decorum.

Our Moral Obligation to Disobey

September 9th, 2009 No comments

I just finished teaching a class entitled, God & Government, at our Living Stones College. We had approximately 35 eager and excited students take part and a good time was had by all! In the class we discussed the thorny and complex issue of civil disobedience. When is it right for a law abiding, authority honoring Christian to disobey civil authories and the laws they create?

Martin Luther King, Jr. in his famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail, argued that an unjust law is no law at all. Every elected official, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, is accountable to God and His Law. When elected officials pass laws in direct opposition to the Scriptures, these laws become unjust laws and must be disobeyed. Charles Colson, in his book God & Government, explains, “Any government that violates the law that is higher than its own is exceeding the legitimate authority God has granted.”

I have had to wrestle with all of the “what ifs” of life under the Obama administration. What if the government run health care plan is enacted and I am forced to use my tax dollars to pay for abortion. Do I peacefully stop paying taxes and pay the consequences?

What if hate crime legislation is enacted and it becomes against the law to preach on the wickedness of sexual perversion? Do I preach the whole counsel of God anyway?

What if you work in the health care industry and you are now federally mandated to provide abortions or to fill prescriptions for medications that destroy life. Do you follow your conscience even though it may cost you your job?

These are the real life issues Christians must face when the government violates its sacred trust with God and the people. Dietrich Bonhoffer, the Christian pastor murdered by the Nazis for his bold,  prophetic resistance to their wicked agenda wrote, “If government persistently and arbitrarily violates its assigned task, then the divine mandate lapses.”

I believe we are dangerously close to witnessing a “divine lapse” in our day.

Governmental “Mandates?” Says Who!

September 7th, 2009 No comments

One thing is missing from all the spirited town hall debates over Health Care Reform. Carson Holloway, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, has written an important article entitled “Constitutional Questions About Health Care Reform” in which he argues  that we should be asking whether Congress even has the authority to impose the reforms it is crafting. He writes,

” We are too often preoccupied with policy arguments while simply assuming a congressional authority to act, as if the federal government had comprehensive responsibility for the common good of the nation… For Congress to mandate health insurance coverage for the individual raises questions not only about the scope of the commerce power, but also about the constitutional liberties of individuals.”

One of the more troubling and disturbing elements of the President’s health care plan is what is called the “individual mandate,” or the requirement that individual Americans obtain health insurance. We are told that such a requirement  may be essential to  the success of a “public option.” Since when does our federal government have the right to compel individuals to purchase health insurance? In other words, “Say’s who?”

The Bible warns, “Don’t you realize that you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey?” (Romans 6:16, NLT)  If we continue to blindly obey the government without ever stopping to question the source of authority or the basis for the policies they prescribe, we unwittingly sell ourselves into slavery! We literally become the slave to the one we obey.

As Christians, we understand all authority comes from God. Human authority is delegated authority and is directly accountable to God. Every elected official is accountable both to God and to our Constitution. For the government to mandate, or to force its citizens to take part in a government run health care system is a serious overreach of its legitimate authority and results in the trampling of our constitutional liberties as individuals.

We are called to submit to legitimate authority. Before we willingly embrace anything from our government we must ask the critical question: “With whose authority are you acting?”

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