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Eliminate the Stress

December 29th, 2010 No comments

Stress is like a poisonous fog blinding our eyes to the greatness of God and sucking all the joy from our lives. As we set our sights on a New Year, wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the stress from our lives?

But how? Where do we start?

Much of the stress in our lives comes from two basic roots:

#1: Indecision

#2: Lack of Control

Here’s a simple, yet powerful exercise to help you cut through the poisonous fog of stress. Ask yourself the following questions:

What are three decisions you need to make in the next month? Take a couple of minutes to write them down. Now that you have identified them, begin to focus on the answers.

What are the top three areas in your life where you feel out of control? It may be your finances, your appetites, or your relationships? Take a couple of minutes to identify these areas. Now that you know the issues, begin to focus on finding solutions.

The simple act of identifying areas of indecision and lack of control will help to eliminate much of the stress you are feeling. Once the suffocating fog has lifted, you can see your life with greater clarity.