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Holy Blushes

February 23rd, 2011 3 comments

Blushes aren’t all bad!

Sure, we all have our Rolodex filled with the memories of our most embarrassing moments! We remember when we wet our pants in elementary school, or when we were caught “red handed” in something we shouldn’t be doing. These all fall in the category of “bad blushes.”

But there’s a corresponding column for all the right kind of blushes. Let me explain.

I have been blessed with four beautiful daughters. I still enjoy the home fashion shows. You know the scene. After shopping all afternoon, they burst through the front door with bags bulging with great treasures. Then comes the inspiring speech, much like the President’s State of the Union Address, where I hear the good news of all the money they have saved me!

Next comes from favorite part – the fashion show.

“Dad,’ they ask coyly, ‘Do you like it?” Inside their precious, little princess minds, they are looking for Prince Charming (that would be me for the time being) to affirm the deep desire of their holy, little hearts. They want to hear something every person longs to hear. They want to know…

Am I beautiful?

Am I lovely?

Am I desirable?

You see, I know what’s going on behind the fashion show. My little princess needs to be affirmed by her admiring Daddy. “You look gorgeous!” I gush. “I love it! You make that dress look soooo beautiful!”

I can always tell if I do my job with excellence. I look at the blush on their faces. It’s a blush that says…

I am loved

I am cherished

I am adored

These are the good blushes of life. We all need them. Make someone you love blush today with the joy of knowing how much they are loved!

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The Divine Romancer

February 18th, 2011 1 comment

We just experienced the great American phenomenon called Valentine’s Day, where love and romance are both encouraged and even enshrined. In fact, we now spend an estimated 16 billion dollars buying cards, candy, roses and other romantic “stuff” to let our sweethearts know how much we cherish them.

Unfortunately, the love and romance we all long to experience has become twisted. Romance is often synonymous with that which is nude, lewd and crude. The question remains, “Why do we have longings to be loved, cherished and romanced?” Where do these desires find their source and fulfillment?

C.S. Lewis once observed, “If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.”

In other words, we long for intimacy because we were made in the image of God, Who exists in perfect intimacy (i.e. the Trinity).

We enjoy the thrill of romance because we long to be loved and cherished by someone just for who we are.

These longings in our hearts are sign posts directing us to the Divine Romancer, God Himself. Your heart was made for Him. Only he can satisfy the deepest yearnings of your heart. Every romance has a “beloved.”

The Lord is asking, “Will you be mine?”

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Truthless Love

August 16th, 2010 3 comments

Anyone making a public stand for righteousness in the larger culture will come under attack from the “love police.” No, this is not a rock band from the 60’s making a comeback. I’m referring to those well-meaning, politically correct, moral relativists who have no tolerance for those who have the audacity to suggest that the behavior of someone else may be immoral, perverse or outright wicked. I recently saw Keith Olbermann, one of the news anchors for MSNBC, and a card carrying member of the “love police” in action lambasting those who believe same-sex marriage is wrong. The essence of his argument was this: Why can’t you mean, despicable, bigoted, right-wing, religious zealots allow people to “love” whomever they please? Life is too short for hatred. What’s the big problem with allowing people who “love” one another to be married?  

Well, here’s the problem. A lot of destructive activities occur under the banner of “love.” We approve of pre-marital sex when both parties “really love each other.” We justify co-habitation as an experiment for marriage when the couple is “in love.” Husbands leave their wives because they are no longer “in love” and because they are now more “in love” with another woman. You see, “love” becomes merely a smoke screen to cover our selfish desires for physical pleasure at any cost.

This is the tragic result of seeking love apart from truth. Love has no content, or boundaries, apart from truth. Truth is a pre-requisite for love. Without the strong banks of truth, this river called love becomes a polluted swamp filled with all kinds of strange and dangerous perversions.

This is why love and truth must always be married.

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