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Resolutions: Own the Dream

January 23rd, 2015 4 comments

owner renter

If you’ve ever been a participant in a brainstorming process you’ve undoubtedly encountered the following scenario.

The ideas are flying. Some are duds, but many are great ideas that would really benefit the organization. And invariably the one who birthed that great idea will say,

“Somebody should…”

The problem is “somebody” does not really exist.

Here’s the math equation for those who are philosophically challenged:

Somebody should = Nobody will

The truth is, we all want and need to be “somebody.”

And that is the crux of the problem. We love to dream but we really don’t want to own it. I love what Casey Graham so wisely observed:

“The problem is people want to rent a vision. They don’t want to buy it.”

When you own the dream or vision, you will take on the full mantle of responsibility. When you’re a renter, you can pass on the responsibility whenever times get tough or something goes wrong.

Be the “somebody.”

You see, when you own the dream you own the outcome. If you don’t own the outcome the outcome will own you.

Here’s the math on failed resolutions:

Someday = No Day

Sometime soon = nowhere fast

“I hope” + “I wish” + “sometime” = fantasy world

When you own the dream and take responsibility for the outcome you stop making excuses. You stop blaming other people. Every time you blame someone else, you absolve yourself of responsibility and unwittingly commit yourself to failure.

Be the somebody. Own your dream.