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No Life – No Vote!

October 20th, 2010 4 comments

As another national election looms on the political landscape, it is important to remember that some issues are absolutely more foundational and critical than others. The issue of LIFE is one of them.

Life is a gift from God and governments have been established, according to our Declaration of Independence, to protect it. That includes the lives of our most vulnerable Americans as they develop inside the wombs of their mothers.

A candidate who will not protect the unborn has no business leading our nation. If you cannot trust a candidate with the issue of life, why would your trust them with your money, the economy, the environment or anything else for that matter.

While abortion is a multifaceted issue involving moral, spiritual, political and constitutional perspectives, it is also an economic issue. Our current economic crisis is due to bad ideas and flawed governmental policies, but we often make no connection to the impact abortion has had on our enemic economy.

An eye-opening study called, The Cost of Abortion, estimates that the loss in Gross Domestic Product from 1973 – 2007 due to abortion in America at a staggering $37 trillion! Because of abortion, we have 52 million fewer taxpayers who would have provided a strong economic foundation for our nation. People are our greatest resource. Abortion has bankrupted our future as millions of entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers, pastors, mothers and fathers have been murdered.

Abortion is an issue that cannot be ignored. This November 2nd, make sure you stand for America by standing for LIFE.

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