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Christmas Greetings from the Gipper

Perhaps no other President has inspired Americans as much as “The Great Communicator,” Ronald Reagan. And the source of His inspiration was not his ability to merely make “good speeches”, or his proficient skill in wielding polished, political rhetoric. When he spoke to the American people, he spoke of our common love for God and our love for country. As our Commander and Chief, he wasn’t afraid to publicly declare his faith in God and his trust in the promises contained in God’s Word, the Bible.

Here is an excerpt from a speech he delivered in 1983 to America’s broadcasters:

“Think of it: the most awesome military machine in history, but it is no match for that one single man, hero, strong yet tender, Prince of Peace. His name alone, Jesus, can lift our hearts, soothe our sorrows, heal our wounds, and drive away our fears… With His message and with your conviction and commitment, we can still move mountains. We can work to reach our dreams and to make America a shining city on a hill.”

That’s my vision. To see Jesus exalted as Lord in the hearts of Americans and to see our great nation, once again, become a shining city on a hill, a model for all nations to follow.

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