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Reclaiming the Glory of Self-Government

What is the alternative to having the federal government involved in every aspect of our lives? For many people, especially the youngest Americans, big, intrusive government is all that they know. For reformation to take place in our great nation, we must return to the glorious alternative both modeled and instituted by our founding fathers – namely, SELF-GOVERNMENT.

Self-government is synonymous with being self-controlled. A person who demonstrates self-control does not need external coercion to regulate his/her attitudes and actions. Reuben is an example of a man with no self-control. The Bible reveals his lack of restraint in Genesis 49:4:

But unstable and boiling over like water, you shall not excel and have the preeminence [of the firstborn], because you went to your father’s bed; you defiled it–he went to my couch!

 Because Reuben was unable to restrain his sexual desires, he eventually lost his inheritance. Because of his inability to govern himself, he had to forfeit the status and privileges which came with being the first born. 

Reuben highlights the relationship between self-government and godly leadership. Those who cannot govern themselves are not ready to exercise leadership over others (I Timothy 3:1-8).

Compare Reuben’s lack of self-control with the self-government of Joseph, who, in the midst of great pressure and temptation, demonstrated self-control (Genesis 39:7-23; 49:23-24). Because of Joseph’s ability to stand in the face of sexual temptation, he was qualified to exercise leadership over an entire nation.

So the first form of government is the government of each individual over themselves. When you and I are capable of leading ourselves, then we can be trusted by the Lord to lead others.

Ask the Lord to show you areas where you lack self-control. Begin to take dominion over yourself by bringing every thought, attitude, emotion and behavior under the Lordship of Jesus Christ!

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