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Why the Left Loathes

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  1. David C. Lannan
    April 24th, 2015 at 20:13 | #1

    Unfortunately, it has become convenient for society to deny there is a God in order to feel good about their sinfulness. I mean, if there is no God, then there is no sin. This is the attitude of many who are living in sin, no fear of God, no repentance. Or worse, they are participating in the very sinfulness we should be doing whatever it takes to turn from and avoid. Christians in name only. Sure, we all struggle with something. We all had temptation and the capability to sin. But some are ding what they can, with the Lord’s help, break that cycle in their lives. Not so with the secularists, the atheists and the professing Christians who believe once we are saved we can go on sinning with no fear of consequences. He didn’t send His only son to die for us, to be resurrected and pave the way for us to get to heaven someday just so we could continue a lifestyle of sin. We will all stumble from time to time, but society would rather try to justify their sin or call it something else. Trading the truth for a lie. Deceiving themselves. And one of the reasons they are so intolerant and hateful is because they know the truth, sin has been brought out of darkness and exposed to the light.

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