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Joe Was Right

Remember a few weeks ago when President Obama’s speech to Congress on health care reform was interruptedĀ  by an emotional outburst from Joe Wilson, a congressman from South Carolina. It seemed Joe was fed up with what he was hearing. The President of the United States was blatantly speaking “non-truths” before both the House and Senate and the entire nation. While many accused his actions of being rude, no one can argue now that he was absolutely right.

Yesterday the Senate Financial Services Committee rejected Senator Orrin Hatch’s amendment to keep abortion out of Senator Max Baucus’s “America’s Health Future Act of 2009.” The Committee also rejected Senator Hatch’s amendment to codify current conscience protections in the Baucus health bill. The Baucus legislation explicitly includes elective abortion and would subsidize health plans that cover all elective abortions. It would also undermine current conscience protections by not protecting health plans from being forced to cover elective abortions.

So in spite of all the rhetoric, government funded abortion is firmly entrenched in this health care plan as it stands now. It is obvious that the current majority could care less about your religious freedoms and the fact that millions of Americans find the government use of taxes to murder babies an abomination. This is exactly what I have been warning in my blog. Socialism will eventually trample both the consciences and the religious liberties of Americans. We must fight this legislation until victory is secured.

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