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Insanity Gone to Seed: Going Green Without God

I received an interesting article from one of my dear friends and colleagues here at Living Stones entitled, “Let’s Give Out Free Condoms to Stop Climate Change.” Obviously, I was captured by the strange title. “What does all this mean?”, I querried. I thought maybe it was a humorous jab, seeing that I am partially responsible for bringing eight beautiful children into the world’s global family. Maybe he was just trying to be helpful, I thought.

But then I began to focus on the second half of the title: climate change. Hmmm. How do condoms relate to climate change. I hadn’t experienced thoughts this deep and profound since I took my SAT exam to get into college. As I read on, I discovered the connection. People are the problem with Mother Earth’s low grade fever, which environmental wackos call “global warming.” They recently dropped the term to embrace another sure-fire, can’t-go-wrong phrase called “climate change.” This way they can explain the fact that the sun rises each day, and so does the temperature, before setting each night, thus causing a predictable drop in the temperature. Thus, climate change. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Anyway, condoms prevent people, and people are the problem. If Mother Earth could simply be rid of the people, whom some godless enviromentalist consider to be a form of terrestial cancer, she would live happily ever after. So if we mass distribute condoms, we get rid of people, the causes of carbon footprints, and we save the world! WOW! Why didn’t I think of that!

The only problem these idiots haven’t addressed is, “Save the world for whom?” This philosophy is so idiotic it destroys the philosophers themselves! It’s a clear picture of the sin’s insanity. This is how we thing when we try to go green without God. Eventually you lose not only the Creator, but the very people God intended to both enjoy and steward the planet for His glory. 

So keep you condoms, but I am interested in climate change of another sort. My prayer is that all of my eight kids will each have at least eight kids of their own, and that this will continue for many generations. When that happens, the Johnson’s will have taken over the planet for the glory of God! Now that’s real climate change.

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