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Living as Marked Men -#1 Consistency of Character

A couple of week’s ago I had the pleasure of preaching a Father’s Day message entitled, “Living as Marked Men.” If you were out of town and missed our Sunday celebration, I want to encourage you to go to our web site and listen to the podcast. It was a strong call, especially to the men, to live lives that are marked by three things. I want to share the first point with you in this blog:

#1: Live a Life Marked by Consistency of Character

How we need godly examples of spiritual “long distance runners” in the Body of Christ. These are men who demonstrate faithfulness and consistency in their relationship with Jesus. They aren’t shooting stars who make a big flash and then fade just as quickly from the scene. These are men who consistently do the right things. They have developed a “rut” called righteousness. They are men with single-minded pursuit of Christ and His kingdom.

When I think of my Dad, I see a man marked by consistency of Christlike character. Two words embody the scope of over seven decades of living: Men & Marriages. On Tuesday nights, he’s ministering to men. On Sunday afternoon, he’s ministering to marriages. This is who he is and what he does. Everything else is extra.

He has been a man a one message: death to self. Die to your own agenda. Let Christ have his way in you. How we need to men of one Lord, one King, one message, one passion. As another great man of God, Ed Cole, used to say: Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous. Let’s resolve to be men who are consistent in the display of Christlike character.

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  1. Kerry Drake
    June 29th, 2010 at 13:42 | #1

    Amen. nuff said

  2. Joy
    June 29th, 2010 at 13:49 | #2

    soooo good!

  3. Jackie Sherman
    June 29th, 2010 at 14:06 | #3

    For development of a Christlike character, Sr. Pastor Ron, has, established a bedrock for men, and women as well, to stand on for consistancy and stability in their marriages. Getting the message across is a long haul; those who get it can pass on the legacy, as you are projecting here. Thank you.

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