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Quran Burning Pastor Has Already Made His Point

Isn’t it amazing that a pastor from a small church (40 – 50 people) would receive international attention over a service dedicated to the burning of a book! When Pastor Terry Jones planned a service to burn the Quran in protest to the Islamic ideology he finds offensive, little did he know he would create a global firestorm. He is being rebuked by Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, chided by the Vatican for his “outrageous and grave gesture,” and vilified by public officials and religious leaders of every stripe. But perhaps most importantly, let’s not forget the strong warning he received from General Petraeus. He is deeply concerned that this isolated act from an obscure pastor will be used by extremists to “inflame public opinion and incite violence” among Muslims around the world.
Let’s do the math: one man + one book + one match = international violence by Muslims
That is the point. Whether Pastor Jones goes through with his Quran burning plan or not, he has clearly demonstrated the truth about Islam: It is not, and never has been, a peaceful religion.The average American understands this. While the liberal media and the elite ruling class in America continue to live in denial, the average American knows better. Our politically correct leadership would like this embarrassing little event to be gone so we can get back to the official state mantra – “Islam is a peaceful religion.” Okay, let’s all say it again, “Islam is a peaceful religion.”
I’m sorry but America isn’t buying it.

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  1. Sonia McPhillips
    September 21st, 2010 at 14:59 | #1

    Amen & Amen!! Well put, Islam IS NOT a peaceful religion!! Truth be stated!

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