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Kudzu Government

September 30th, 2010 1 comment

Kudzu has been called “the vine that ate the South!” It was brought to our country from Japan in 1876 and was used in the South as a ground cover to help stop the negative effects of erosion. The problem with this vine is that during summer months, it grows up to a foot a day! The uncontrolled growth of kudzu has led to the destruction thousands of acres of forests and farmlands. And interestingly enough, this vine is notoriously difficult to kill!

What an apt illustration of our federal government! Something that grows exponentially by the day and is difficult to kill!

T.M. Moore writes, “When government becomes a law unto itself, making itself the final bar of appeal in matters of public policy, it breaks the bounds of its proper confines and, forcing its ways on every other area and aspect of life, it smothers and chokes everything it touches – values, institutions, establishments and entities – and replaces them with itself.”

We see this today in the rapid spread of the secular State in America. The federal government, like kudzu, is spreading to every part of our lives through oppressive taxation and the government’s regulation of nearly everything.

When God and His law are disgarded, the State becomes “god” by taking the authority that rightfully belongs to Him and to Him alone. America must return to God before our kudzu government suffocates our nation!

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