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Living as Marked Men #2 – Clarity in Our Convictions

June 29th, 2010 1 comment

As we approach our 234th birthday as a nation, America is adrift in postmodern relativism. When it comes to moral clarity, the ability to clearly differentiate right from wrong, it seems we have both feet firmly planted in mid-air! Politically correct postmodernism leaves you morally neutered. To declare anything as “wrong, immoral, perverted” (choose the morally clear adjective of your choice) is to invite the wrath of those whose only virtue is tolerance. Unfortunately, tolerance of everything only serves to create moral confusion. It does not offer any help as we seek to successfully navigate REALITY. Only truth can do that, and only those who know the TRUTH (His name is JESUS), can help steer the ship.

That’s why it is so important to know what you believe and  why you believe it. But our respnsibility doesn’t stop there. We have a moral responsibility before God to proclaim that truth with both passion and clarity to a lost world groping around in a dark, moral fog.

Perhaps we can learn something from one of our Founders, John Hancock. He was the first one to sign his own death warrant, a document we have come to know and love as The Declaration of Independence. Acting upon the clarity of his convictions, he signed his name in large letters, so that everyone knew where he stood on the issue. Because of this courageous act of moral clarity and conviction, his name is now synonymous with everyone’s signature. When we are asked to sign our “John Hancock” on a document, it should be a perpetual reminder of the power of clarity in our convictions.

What does your life stand for? How large are your letters? Do others know where you stand on the issues?